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Technology, innovations, and tech talent fuel our daily conversations, driving us forward. And everything starts from Michigan, our home base. It’s no coincidence that we’ve partnered early with Digital Lakes, a non-profit entity dedicated to showcasing Michigan as a premier digital hub—attracting, developing, and retaining top tech talent across industries while enhancing the growth and vitality of the state and our economy.  
We’re thrilled for the groundbreaking future ahead, where Digital Lakes in close partnership with other local organizations is enabling the digital agenda of Michigan.  
Join us on February 15th at the Google Innovation Center in Detroit Downtown for the inaugural ‘Innovation Showcase and Panel’. Aligned with the Digital Lakes Charter, this event highlights Michigan’s digital innovations and talents.  
Experience firsthand our AI-powered innovations, including MAGE, our cutting-edge AI platform. Also, don’t miss our Chief Technology and Digital Officer and co-founder Digital Lakes, Sangy Vatsa, will be hosting the ‘Innovation CXO Panel’ and sharing invaluable insights. 
We eagerly await the chance to connect and explore Michigan’s digital landscape with you. 

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