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Enterprise AI in Insurance

Driven by intelligence.


Deploy artificial intelligence insurance solutions aligned with your business to drive more accurate pricing, higher conversions, precise underwriting, faster time-to-market, and lower loss ratios. 

HTCNXT helps you build Enterprise AI solutions for insurance faster and more effectively so that you stay ahead of inflation-related payout variations, reduce Additional Living Expenses costs from processing delays, lower paperwork processing times, and improve customer claims satisfaction. Our Enterprise AI solutions help you enhance resilience across claims processing, documentation, settlement, and post-claim recommendation with pace and ease.

Intelligence in action

Underwriting automation

Simplify underwriting with advanced prediction models and intelligence.

Improve efficiency, risk assessment accuracy, and processing times with AI solutions for underwriting claims management. Reduce your costs while delivering transparent and simplified services to your customers.

Predictive pricing

Optimize pricing and risk assessment with deep customer insights.

Leverage advanced algorithms, including Generative AI in Insurance, to assess various factors and predict the likelihood of specific outcomes while deciding premiums. Improve your price competitiveness and customer experiences with intelligence and insights.

Claims management

Leverage AI in Insurance Claims Management and enable smarter claims processing and fraud detection capabilities with advanced analysis.
Identify claims suitable for straight-through processing while efficiently flagging potentially fraudulent claims to minimize risks. Predict large loss scenarios using claim severity analysis. Leverage subrogation opportunities to manage claims and mitigate financial impact effectively. Explore the potential of Generative AI for Claims Processing to revolutionize your claims management.

Next best offer

Leverage AI-driven upselling and cross-selling opportunities for revenue growth.

Take advantage of upselling and cross-selling opportunities with AI support, reducing customer churn and maximizing revenue potential. Mine valuable insights from intelligent predictions to generate tailored offers that resonate with customers, driving increased sales and customer satisfaction.

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