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Enterprise AI in Travel

Intelligence-driven experiences.


In the vibrant world of travel, creating unforgettable experiences is paramount. This is where artificial intelligence travel solutions are game changers, constantly elevating service quality with insights and delivering personalized services for customers’ delight.

HTCNXT integrates enterprise AI solutions for travel into your business model, enabling you to know your customers better and match their evolving expectations. Our domain expertise helps you leverage the full potential of AI solutions for travel industry and revolutionize how you engage with your customers, elevating hospitality services with excellence.

Intelligence in action

Flight delay prediction

Forecast flight delays and provide proactive solutions with advanced analytics and AI.

Leverage AI to analyze historical and real-time data from multiple sources, such as weather, traffic, airport capacity, and flight schedules, and generate accurate predictions for flights across airports. Track flights with live updates and alerts to ensure hassle-free travel experiences while gaining insights into the causes and impacts of flight delays. Time you explore flight delay prediction using artificial intelligence, offering effective early warnings that leave a lasting impression on customers.

Delay propagations

Minimize disruptions and improve overall performance with AI-powered delay prediction and tracking.

Reduce the impact of delays on flight schedules and passengers by forecasting delay propagation per aircraft and across the network. Monitor the location and status of each aircraft in real-time with AI-enabled advanced tracking technology, enabling smooth and reliable experiences for customers.

Self-check-ins and query handling

Enhance security and efficiency with generative AI to streamline check-in and query handling.

Minimize check-in waiting time and enhance identification security by leveraging AI facial recognition. Utilize generative AI to handle chatbot queries more efficiently and effectively, providing prompt resolutions and escalations across the query-handling process.

Personalized recommendations

Deliver exceptional customer experiences by leveraging advanced travel solutions using AI, leading to data-driven recommendations and scheduling procedures.

Optimize customer scheduling procedures to ensure a seamless and personalized experience with analytics. Strategize for seasonal variations through weather forecasting and offer personalized recommendations for improved revenues across the year.

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