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Put Your Quality Engineering Into High Gear.

Leverage MAGE. Rediscover AI. Accelerate Testing 3X.


As enterprises embark on their next digital transformation phase, the pressure for daily deployments and the adoption of DevOps practices is inevitable. Accelerating Quality Assurance (QA) at speed and scale has now become crucial and has a competitive edge. Yet, despite investments in advanced testing solutions and test automations, organizations struggle with significant efforts across QA testing phases.

Partner with us to unlock the potential of MAGE, our enterprise AI platform. MAGE serves as an innovative testing accelerator, offering unprecedented acceleration in AI-led Quality Engineering. Powered by cutting-edge Data Engineering with AI/ML and predictive analytics, MAGE revolutionizes every testing stage, from test case generation to tool management and test data creation.

Integrating seamlessly into your existing tech stacks, MAGE elevates testing efficiency to unparalleled levels with minimal effort and disruption, while delivering substantial business benefits.



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MAGE in Action


Test Data Generation

Generate secure, compliant, production mirrored, scaled data for testing.

Accelerate Test Data Generation with MAGE! It offers enterprise-scale capabilities and marketplace approach that empowers your teams to utilize a single infrastructure for data generation. The accelerator:

  • Adheres to data security principles and regulatory requirements like HIPAA and PCI.
  • Ensures data quality and consistency through tracking lineage and maintaining referential integrity.
  • Facilitates traceability and reproducibility with version control for data sets and processes.
  • Provides both real-time and batch access to data via APIs.
  • Scales to handle both regular and AI-related data volumes.
  • Is parameterized for AI model development, including data up-sampling and feature discrimination.
  • Accommodates emerging medallion architecture to develop Raw, Curated and Analytical data.


Test Case Generation

Cover a wide range of scenarios and automatically generate test cases based on requirements and code

Transform the test case generation process with MAGE for unmatched efficiency and precision. Leveraging MAGE,

  • Harness LLM engines to analyze natural language requirements and developer code and extract valuable insights for test case creation.
  • Generate test cases covering positive and negative scenarios, boundary conditions, and error handling.
  • Ensure robust test cases that include structured inputs, test data, expected outcomes, preconditions, and execution steps.


Tools Management

Bring augmented consistency and efficiency in using testing tools across different environments
Leveraging AI, our MAGE framework streamlines the selection, configuration, and use of testing tools across various test environments. By analyzing each testing scenario, it identifies suitable tools and configurations, optimizing the testing process for efficiency. MAGE also promotes consistent tool usage and collaboration among testing teams, ensuring standardized practices and streamlined workflows.

Defect Prediction

Proactively identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities within software applications.

Stay ahead of the game with AI-generated precise demand forecasts. Our pre-built AI models help you jumpstart the analysis of various demand patterns and orders, manage logistics, and replenish inventory based on customer demand. In other words, keep the supply chain agile and nimble, extract insights from data, and plan logistics holistically. Ensure optimized merchandise delivery with minimal human intervention, redefining efficiency and customer satisfaction in one fell swoop.

The features that power MAGE-powered testing accelerator

  • Robust and Extensible Framework (web applications across Chrome, Firefox, and Edge)
  • Powered by industry-leading tools (Selenium, Katalon, etc.)
  • Data-Driven Testing (DDT) and Reusable Functions
  • Versatile Testing Capabilities (functional, acceptance, and compatibility testing)
  • Cloud-Compatible
  • Customizable Test Results
  • Mobile App Compatibility
  • Integration Ready

The Benefits That Matter

  • Harness our plug-and-play framework for effortless automation of web, mobile, and REST API applications.
  • Enjoy a seamless, intuitive testing framework designed for web applications.
  • Maximize efficiency with reusable scripts and minimized development efforts.
  • Streamline testing cycles and reduce maintenance costs for greater efficiency.
  • Expand regression coverage to ensure comprehensive testing and product stability.
  • Customize reports for informed decision-making and tailored insights.
  • Achieve long-term ROI with sustainable cost-effectiveness and tangible value.

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