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Enterprise AI in Retail

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  • Enterprise AI
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    Powered by insights.


    Today’s retail is about delivering experiences that engage, delight, and personally resonate across all channels. Easier said than done. Success in retail hinges on these distinctive experiences that not only captivate customers in the moment but also entice them to return for more. So, what more should retailers do? Become data-driven, truly. How they process and analyze troves of data to innovate and transform, creating intelligent supply chains, autonomous stores, and unified phygital strategies, connects the dots of “experiences, success, and the future.”

    Yet, many retailers struggle to bridge the gap between data access and actionable insights. The solution is and lies in AI. Leveraging AI solutions for retail, like our MAGE-powered AI solutions, unlocks data to generate valuable insights like never before, helping retailers to place CX at the core of retail.

    We are all about AI and retail’s future. Our retail solutions helps you gain deeper and far-fetching retail insights to generate new revenue streams, improve operational efficiency, and explore new trends and propositions. In particular, tap into customers’ journeys, deliver distinctive and delightful experiences, and build the stores of tomorrow today.



    Forecasting Production Right to the Slice with ML-driven Planner

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    Intelligence in action


    Retail media networks

    Welcome those promotional dollars back into your retail ecosystem.

    Step up your Retail Media Network (RMN) drive. Explore our RMN-specific AI suite, fueled by cutting-edge Generative AI in retail. The solution empowers retailers to seamlessly integrate first-party and third-party data, rapidly link data to our ML engine, and unlock a realm of opportunities by delivering targeted ads to the appropriate audience at the optimal moment. It’s a win-win-win situation for retailers, customers, and brands alike.

    Monetizing data can’t get than this better than this.

    • Outperforms current (best) recommendation techniques by 15%, driving conversions
    • Packaged and deployable against formatted datasets immediately
    • Yields results in just 10-12 weeks
    • Deployable across clouds, available as discrete and batch APIs

    Autonomous store operations

    Embrace the future of retail. Go autonomous stores. Win both efficiency and experience.

    Revolutionize your stores with AI solutions for autonomous operations, driven by cutting-edge systems, advanced AI algorithms. Deliver frictionless, convenient and seamless shopping experiences to your customers. Let AI take the lead in automating routine tasks, allowing people to focus on improving customer satisfaction. Behind the scenes, AI solutions work tirelessly to ensure unmanned or partially unmanned operations, powered by automated restocking, predictive maintenance, theft prevention, and more.


    AI-powered Fulfillment

    Enable lightning-fast deliveries and flexible supply chains for customer delight.

    Exceed your customers’ expectations with rapid delivery times. Leverage our AI-led fulfillment solutions to create flexible supply chains that monitor and manage demand, stock availability, and location, enabling optimized and viable fulfillment allocations. Gain real-time data to ensure accuracy, quicker delivery, and improved customer satisfaction, all while lowering operational costs. Automated fulfillment on the other hand boosts sales and reduces returns, enhancing overall efficiency and profitability.


    Demand forecasting

    Improve forecast accuracy and supply chain resilience with Enterprise AI solution for retail.

    Stay ahead of the game with AI-generated precise demand forecasts. Our pre-built AI models help you jumpstart the analysis of various demand patterns and orders, manage logistics, and replenish inventory based on customer demand. In other words, keep the supply chain agile and nimble, extract insights from data, and plan logistics holistically. Ensure optimized merchandise delivery with minimal human intervention, redefining efficiency and customer satisfaction in one fell swoop.

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