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Enterprise AI in Retail

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Imagine a seamless and agile supply chain, empathetic customer interactions, and efficient automation – all simplifying store management. That’s Enterprise AI in Retail at its finest, and at HTCNXT, we are making it a reality. With us, discover boundless opportunities with AI-powered solutions for retail.

Tap into the hidden potential of your customers’ lifetime journeys to gain deeper insights to enhance customer experiences and lead the retail industry. We help you leverage intelligent systems to make decision-making smarter and your business more profitable.



Forecasting Production Right to the Slice with ML-driven Planner

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Intelligence in action

Retail media networks

Tap into new growth opportunities by leveraging ad inventories.
Deploy AI solutions for retailers to deliver hyper-personalized customer interactions with AI insights, optimize inventory management, and reduce costs. Boost marketing effectiveness for seamless omnichannel experiences and drive resilient supply chains, improving your time-to-market.

Autonomous store operations

Enhance store operations with retail industry AI solutions, including Generative AI in retail for an enhanced customer experience.

Let AI take the lead in automating routine tasks, allowing people to focus on improving customer satisfaction. Drive efficient operations with automated restocking, predictive maintenance, and theft prevention, ensuring smooth and secure store functioning.

Fulfillment AI

Enable lightning-fast deliveries and flexible supply chains for customer delight.

Exceed your customers’ expectations with rapid delivery times. Leverage artificial intelligence retail solutions to create flexible supply chains that monitor and manage demand, stock availability, and location, enabling optimized and viable fulfillment allocations.

Demand forecasting

Improve forecast accuracy and supply chain resilience with Enterprise AI solution for retail.
Stay ahead of the game with AI-generated precise demand forecasts. Leverage these insights to optimize prices and drive resilient supply chains that adapt to changing market conditions, giving your business a competitive edge.

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