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Enabling A Transformative
FNOL Experience

Success Story

The Client
Our valued client is a well-established insurance company headquartered in the United States, specializing in a diverse range of personal and commercial insurance products. Among their flagship offerings, they proudly oversee a substantial standard auto insurance program, diligently managing an extensive portfolio of over 100,000 active policies distributed across 12 states. Furthermore, they expertly navigate an average of approximately 5000 claims on an annual basis, reflecting their substantial presence and commitment within the insurance sector.
The Challenge
The primary challenge our client confronted revolved around optimizing the efficiency of their claim intake processing procedures. Despite their prominent standing, the initial stages of the claims intake process were hampered by the influx of unstructured information and handwritten reports originating from various channels. This deluge of data not only complicated the process but also led to a decrease in customer satisfaction. Download the case study now to learn more.

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